sample De Peel


5-5-16 Stage 1
Map: ‘de Peel’ 1:10:000 2,5m. 2015..
De Peel is a general flat and fast forest rich in vegetational detail. the map has been produced for the 2015 national military relay championship. It has been a decade since this area was used for international orienteering and we are happy this area can be used for this years start of the Holland-OL.




6-5-16 Stage 2
Map: ‘Gorinchem’ 1:4.000, 2,5m 2016.
Gorichem is a fortified town with steep open defense structures. Inside these fortified structures you will find a city which consists of a mix of old and modern building structures, water ways, a harbour etc. This city will be the venue of a urban middle distance race.  This town has never been used for orienteering events before so enjoy being the first ones in this challenging city.



sample woudrichem

6-5-16 Stage 3
Map: ‘Woudrichem’ 1:4.000, 2,5m 2016.
A small ancient well preserved fortified city also never used for orienteering before. Like Gorichem is has steep open defense structures. Inside these defense walls the inner city still breathes history with many of the old buildings and structures still in place.  This city will be the venue of a a urban sprint race.



vrachelse heide


7-5-16 Stage 4
Map: ‘Vrachelse Heide’ 1:10.000, 2,5m 2015.
Forest with some sandy areas, It has the caracteristic small contours and a dense network of tracks and trails. the map has been revisited for the 2015 Nation relay championship.




De Mosten 7


7-5-16 fun relay
Map: ‘De Mosten 7’ special map with different scales.
It is the garden area surrounding the CC. It is rich in detail of natural and artificial object. It is an ideal map for the traditional fun relay which will be the finishing touch of this years Holland-OL.